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  • Mob: +372 55 619 750
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There are approximately 525,000 inhabitants in Harjumaa and 400,000 in Tallinn. The population of Estonia is 1,340,000 people. So 70% of the population live in Tallinn and surrounding Harjumaa. About 40,000 of them are hard of hearing. The mission of the Tallinn and Harjumaa Association of the Hard of Hearing in is to provide assistance solving the hearing problems in this region.


In cooperation with Estonian Hard of Hearing Association , the Tallinn and Harjumaa Association of the Hard of Hearing provides rehabilitation services.

The services that are available for both children and adults are the following: developing rehabilitation plans, services of specialists like physiotherapist, social worker, special education teacher, psychologist and speech therapist.

We also arrange rehabilitation camps where people can learn how to manage better with disability, the basics of lip-reading and sign language in case of need.

For applying to our services you need a valid rehabilitation plan and a letter of referral which can be obtained from your local bureau of Social Insurance Board. In case you don’t have a rehabilitation plan our team can develop it for you. For ordering our services please contact us at phone: +372 6 616 394. E-mail:


The members of the Tallinn and Harjumaa Association of the Hard of Hear have access to information through different sources:


We arrange activities for the members of the Tallinn and Harjumaa Association of the Hard of Hearing. There are traditional monthly meetings for senior members every second Tuesday at 3 p.m. in Kristiine Elderly Day Center.

In addition we arrange different sportive activities and entertainment, site-visits, walks, play bowling, go swimming. We have meetings and activities for young, employed and retired people.

Information about the events is available on our website and easily accessed through other communication sources.


Everyone is welcome to apply for the membership. All you need to do is to fill in the application form on our website or in our office. The admission fee for becoming a member is 5€. The annual membership fee is 5€ for employed and 3€ for unemployed and retired people.

Every member gets a membership card on request. On the backside of it there are guidelines how to communicate better with a hard of hearing person..


  • Free hearing advice/consulting
  • Special rates available to purchase batteries for the hearing aid
  • Activities and trainings free of charge or for reduced prices
  • Better access to information (either free of charge or special price)